How to combat lack of concentration?

When the lack of Concentration does not allow us to study:
Peppermint Essential Oil is an excellent option
Renowned for its stimulating, fresh and mentholated aroma, Peppermint Essential Oil is the oil of precision and concentration. When thoughts and ideas seem to become entangled in the head, mint helps regain control and focus.
Distractions will no longer get in the way of your efficiency.
Ways of use: Place a few drops of Mint Essential Oil in a stove to increase the concentration.
The typical ways that oil diffuser reed are used are through oil burners with heat produced by candles and electric diffusers.
How do electric diffusers work with water?

They operate with motors through ultrasound located at the base of the device, using a small amount of mineral water or tap. They have a membrane that makes the water vibrate at a high intensity and frequencies, which allows the diffusion of essential oils with water. They generate a kind of vaporized fog, a cold smoke that if we approach it we will see that it is not wet.
We obtain an aromatic mist, formed by micro drops, these micro drops are formed by a mixture of water plus essential oils, which are propelled into the atmosphere.
There are also electric diffusers that work without water, only with oil.
Oil burners
They generally work by placing an oil in a ceramic vessel, which contains hot water and then placing the candle below, to heat and vaporize the essential oil in the air around you.
They look great, even serene in a room, but you will get absolutely no therapeutic benefit from it. Essential oils contain very volatile and sensitive compounds that will be damaged by heat. In addition to breathing the combustion of wax with which the candle is made.


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